Ray Estevez is currently the CIO at V12 Data.  He previously co-founded V12 Group (formerly Datagence) in April of 2002 and helped grow the company until it was acquired by Datamentors in November 2016. As CIO of V12 Data, he continues to provide strategic oversight of enterprise-wide information technology activities and is a member of the senior executive committee. Mr. Estevez brings 29 years of experience in the field of information technology and has a diverse background in both start-ups and large enterprise organizations, with extensive expertise in Email, Database, and Digital Marketing, as well as data management, and software engineering.

Previously, Mr. Estevez served as the CTO at ORB Digital, where he managed the Information Technology division and re-engineered ORB’s core ad server product ORBit 4.0. Under his leadership, the ORB Digital technology went through a maturity transformation that enabled the platform to serve up to 30 billion ad impressions per month. All of this was done within a secure high availability infrastructure.

Prior to ORB Digital, Mr. Estevez served as the Vice President of Information Technology at 24/7 Media Inc. He was instrumental in the development of ConsumerNet’s Email database and delivery technology, which led to the email marketing company being acquired by 24/7 Media Inc., for $52 million dollars (http://tinyurl.com/qylqopj). After executing a smooth integration of technologies and personnel between ConsumerNet and 24/7 Media, he went to lead the technology and operations of the 24/7 Mail division and was appointed an executive member of the 24/7 Media mergers & acquisition team. The M&A team went on to conduct numerous due diligence and acquired a number of companies including IMAKE (http://tinyurl.com/lccehnb), Exactis (http://tinyurl.com/lhyo474), and iPromotions (http://www.clickz.com/clickz/news/1706144/-media-acquires-ipromotions). These key acquisitions enabled 24/7 Media to diversify their digital advertising product offering.

Mr. Estevez has also served in various IT leadership positions at ConsumerNet, Time Inc. and Music Sound Exchange (both Time Warner Companies), and J.P. Morgan. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from The City College of New York.