Data & Technology


If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, then data and technology are the engine and fuel propelling its growth. It’s a new technology paradigm, powered by AI and harnessed by people. To maximize AI’s potential in business, you must focus on data and technology tools to train and customize both large language models (LLM) and small language models (SLM).

It has never been clearer that businesses need to embrace AI and be able to learn quickly, automate workflows, and be resilient to shocks. There is a need for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. It is not just about  digital improvements, but to intentionally combine AI and human innovation to create business value.

Future-built companies are more equipped to navigate change and uncertainty, drive breakthrough innovations, and tackle some of the most pressing industrial and societal challenges of our time. At the core of RE Advisory’s digital transformation strategy is the commitment to building these future-ready companies. Our approach is iterative, agile, human-centric, and above all, relevant, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve without the burden.

Our Expertise

Data Management

Data Quality: Ensure your data is accurate, reliable, and useful. Data Append: Enhance your existing data with additional, relevant information. Data Privacy & Compliance: Safeguard your data while meeting regulatory requirements.

Cloud Management

Leverage proven cloud adoption methodologies to guide your cloud investments, deploy technical foundations, and smoothly execute the migration process.


In an era where threats are increasing and attacks can cripple business-Respond with resilience through robust cybersecurity measures designed to protect your business data and technology.

IT Strategy

Unlock better performance and competitive advantage through technology. Our team helps you harness the potential of technology to improve efficiency and drive growth.


Our deliverability audit, diagnose your email issues and get actionable solutions. Our experts thoroughly analyze your email program to pinpoint root causes and provide clear, understandable solutions.

AI Marketing

Marketing stands to benefit the most from artificial intelligence. At its core, marketing involves understanding customer needs, aligning those needs with products and services, and persuading consumers to make a purchase. This is an area where AI can bring substantial improvements.

Data Analytics & AI

Transform your data into actionable insights and tangible business value. With our expertise, data becomes your competitive advantage, enabling you to make smarter decisions and drive innovation.

IT Strategy & Architecture

Unlock better performance and competitive advantage through technology. Our team helps you harness the potential of technology to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

For many companies, strategic technology use is a challenge due to limited resources. A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) offers a cost-effective solution, providing dedicated leadership to formulate and manage your company’s strategic IT goals. Enjoy the benefits of an experienced leader guiding your technology use without the expense of a full-time position. Move beyond outdated systems and inefficient processes toward smarter, more effective business practices.

Our Data & Technology Approach

Our practical and multidisciplinary approach to digital strategy consulting is rooted in deep industry knowledge. We possess the hands-on experience and technical expertise needed to turn ideas into action, creating effective digital strategy frameworks. Our data consulting services are fast, iterative, and collaborative, driving real impact and measurable growth. 

  • We define and drive industry-leading digital strategies for the digital age.
  • We design and build products and experiences that people love, delivering powerful business outcomes.
  • We develop flexible, scalable, and secure digital and data platforms.
  • We enhance your business operations with expertise in cloud, cybersecurity, and systems management.
  • We use data analytics and insights to proactively respond to changes.
  • We create organizational conditions that thrive at digital speed through effective design and change management.

RE Advisory is your partner in navigating the complex landscape of data and technology, ensuring your business is equipped to succeed in the digital age.