Scholarship For America On Tech Students in New York City

This scholarship was created for America On Tech (AOT) students from New York City. It is designed to support future leaders in technology. Students will receive a $2,500 scholarship to be used for college tuition, books, or technology to support their education journey.

The Ray Estevez Scholarship for Technology Leaders is awarded to AOT students who have demonstrated exceptional promise as future leaders in the field of technology. The scholarship is open to New York City residents who have completed or will complete America On Tech’s NYC Tech Flex Leaders program. Recipients must be pursuing a degree in computer science or a related technology field and have a strong interest in a technology career. 

AOT students exemplify dedication, passion, and potential in the field of technology. The Scholarship  provides financial support  recognizes the critical importance of diversity and inclusion in tech. 
Ray Estevez, the namesake of the scholarship, shared his excitement about the inaugural winners: “I am honored to support these exceptional students as they embark on their journeys in technology. Their passion and commitment to using technology for social justice are truly inspiring. I believe they will make significant contributions to the tech industry and their communities.”

To be considered for scholarship, high school seniors, college freshmans and sophmores must first apply to the AOT program. 

Applicants are required to submit information on their educational pathway, and a creative response to the prompt: “What social justice issue interests you the most and how do you plan to use your technology education to address it?” 

The 2024 scholarship recipients were honored at a special luncheon with Ray Estevez in June 2024, where they had the opportunity to network and celebrate their achievements.