Virtual Chief Information Officer

Proven Information Technology Leadership and Expertise To Solve Your Most Pressing Challenges

A CIO is critical to a company’s success

However, a dedicated internal CIO can be very expensive or difficult to fill for many organizations. A virtual CIO is a cost-effective alternative. Your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) will be responsible for developing a technology strategy that aligns with your business strategy.

Proven CIO Experience

A seasoned vCIO has the advantage of seeing many other companies struggling with many of the same challenges as yours, and knows which technology strategy is best for solving your unique technology challenges.

9 Critical Technical Areas That
A CIO Must Address.

Technology Strategy

A plan focused on the future that looks into the horizon to predict and align to the organization’s business vision.

People, Technology, Processes

People, technology and processes are the key ingredients to a successful digital transformation.

IT Security and Compliance

Understand the differences, and why your organization should implement both.

Staff Development & Training

A strategic tool for an organization’s continuing growth, productivity and ability to retain valuable employees.

Quality Assurance (QA)

QA is a systematic process of ensuring a product or service meets specified requirements. .

IT Customer Support

A customer first strategy is key to customer satisfaction. However, you must empower your employees first.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

You must understand the differences to ensure your strategy mitigates risk and minimizes revenue loss.

Technology Budgeting

Understand the evolution from IT budgeting to technology investments. You must invest in technical innovation in order to maximize business value.

Data Management

A strong data management strategy must treat data as a valuable resource that can be leveraged to uncover insights and value to the business.

Information Technology & Digital Transformation

To ensure your business succeeds in 2021 and beyond, engage a CIO that consistently delivers transformational value. Learn how to transform your business with a data driven and technology automation strategy.

Cloud Management

Cloud Strategy

Are you getting value from the cloud? We help you create a comprehensive cloud strategy, from planning and readiness assessments to defining governance, operations, and cost management optimization. We create strategies to support cloud sustainability.

Cloud Transformation

Modernize your legacy applications and grow your business through cloud transformation. We’ll help you identify what should be in the cloud, set a strong foundation, help you get there, and innovate with new cloud technologies.

Cloud Security

Protecting your most valuable data — the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of individual data subjects — is critical. We help you understand, address, and actively manage the risks of successfully operating your business in a secure cloud.

Cloud Managed Services

Focus on your key business activities and core competencies and let Rayestevez manage your cloud operations and processes. From application to infrastructure, we’ll keep your cloud environment up to date and running efficiently.

Cloud Innovation

Underpinned by the power of the cloud, emerging technologies drive innovation. Embrace new technologies to support business strategies, optimize processes, and mine data to bring new solutions to market and gain a competitive advantage.



Rayestevez is an organization’s ability to detect, prevent, respond, recover, and learn from cybersecurity disruptions. Our cybersecurity collection explores common issues, trends, and what organizations must do to prepare proactive and reactive solutions to keep your assets safe.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud platforms provide scalable and flexible infrastructure, allowing organizations to replicate their critical systems and data in remote data centers. This ensures rapid recovery in case of on-premises failures. Cloud-based backup solutions enable automated, secure, and redundant data storage. This eliminates the risk of data loss and facilitates quick restoration.

IT Strategy

Our IT strategy recognizes the pivotal role of marketing technologies in enhancing customer engagement. We integrate cutting-edge marketing tools to create seamless, personalized experiences. From customer relationship management (CRM) systems to marketing automation platforms, our technology stack is carefully selected to drive effective and targeted marketing campaigns.